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CALL FOR All Girl Guides and Scout Clubs Registration
03 March 2015

The Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture (MYSC) calls on all Girl Guides and Scout Clubs to register at their nearest MYSC District Office before 20th March 2015. The purpose of this registration exercise is to establish the number of active Girl Guides and Scout clubs and their members across the country. Following this registration, the Ministry will engage the clubs to facilitate mobilisation of youth for life skills training and behavior change activities. Both school clubs and out of school clubs may register in this exercise. This registration exercise is conducted in collaboration with the Botswana National Youth Council, Botswana Girl Guides Association and the Botswana Scouts Association. Should there be need for any further clarification, please contact the MYSC PR Office at          368 2649/ 3939735 or the nearest MYSC Office.:  registration form
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