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BNYC Newsletter- Jan-April

Launched in June 1996 (by BNYC, Botswana Christian Council, AIDS/STD Unit under the Ministry of Health and the Department of Culture), the MYAA campaign is the most popularly commemorated annual event by BNYC and its HIV&AIDS stakeholders under the theme “Getting to Zero.” The campaign is undertaken as an effort to positively influence young people countrywide to clearly recognise and observe the barriers to, and opportunities for more effective....... Read More

The Botswana National Youth Council (BNYC) implemented Annual Botswana Youth Awards to unearth hidden talents in various fields, in rural and urban centres. The main objective to recognise and reward those individuals and organisation that have made an outstanding contribution to youth development. The Botswana Youth Awards is one of the BNYC flagship programmes. The selection criteria includes young Batswana citizens between age of 15-35, individuals and organisation that have made an........ Read More

Project 50K is a BNYC initiative whose main aim is to directly and indirectly motivate the creation of 50 000 jobs and 50 millionaires over the next 5 years. Through Project 50k, the aim is to bring together all stakeholders, both the Botswana Government and Private Sector under one umbrella where our single common goal will be the creation of jobs. Project 50k has adopted an approach of promoting a culture of entrepreneurship as the main strategy for this project as it is through developing entrepreneurship who can start businesses, ..... Read More

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SYE objectives;

-Training youth in various aspects of farming
-Provision of economic survival skills to young people
-Instil a sense of entrepreneurship in the field of agriculture
-Promote farming ..... Read More